Vegan Salad Dressing

Summer has arrived! 


We went to a lovely BBQ yesterday at my daughters and their friend’s house, we had Linda Mc Cartney sausages and No Bull Burgers in buns and a gorgeous potato salad made with vegan aioli, which was absolutely gorgeous, so good in fact I got the link for recipe and made it at home this morning for our brunch salad. It is so easy and incredibly tasty and you could feed it to anyone and they wouldn’t know it was vegan, just delicious!

The recipe is from Lauren Caris Cooks which is a beautiful website, with stunning photographs and lots of tasty recipes to suit all taste buds, well worth a visit.

Gorgeous website.


I used the whole tin of chickpea water as I was also making chickpea shawarma to go with the salad, this made more than I had anticipated but I have popped the leftovers in jars and shall keep them in the fridge, I can’t see it lasting long, to be honest!

This recipe is for using a whole tin, you can alter it to your needs.


Water from 1 tin of chickpeas

3 tbs of white wine vinegar

1 1/2 tsp of mustard, I used wholegrain

1 1/2 tsp of salt,

3 cups of oil, I used vegetable, as it is pretty much flavourless

3 tsp lemon juice

6 cloves of garlic, I use minced garlic as I use it a lot in my cooking so I used 4 good tsp.


Now, this is the really easy bit, you thought collecting the ingredients was simple… well pop them all in a bowl and either use a whisk or hand blender to bring the ingredients together. And admire the beautiful garlic salad dressing before you 😀


Garlic mayonnaise​, vegan.
Garlic mayonnaise, vegan.


As I said earlier I used to go with the Chickpea Shawarma, it went really well and it was demolished rather quickly! you can find the recipe for the chickpeas on the blog, it is a very Mediterranean dish that you can enjoy at any time.

I hope you get a chance to try it, it is such a tasty dressing and you don’t waste the water from your chickpeas either!

Take care!

Gilly 🙂


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