Tshirts, bags and phone cases.


When I’m not cooking…

I like to do little designs for Redbubble, it is certainly not a way to make a living but it keeps me thinking like an artist until I decide it is time for me to return to making art. I love art and enjoyed creating it till about 5 years ago, I chose to go to University and it was possibly the worst decision I have ever made, well apart from getting married far too soon after meeting the man of my dreams ;),  University spoilt my love affair with art and I rarely create anything now, I have flurries of creativity, but I feel it has moved rather than being lost, I enjoy creating in the kitchen rather than making sculptures and I enjoy making short films and editing them and sewing, so it has been a shift rather than a total loss, maybe it was meant to be.

This link is for a dandelion design, I have another similar one but I feel this one works really well.  floor cushion

If you like a retro feel to your interior, phone or bags, one of my childhood favourites are Fuzzy Felts, I still enjoy playing with these, to be honest, the 9-year-old is too grown up for them now 😉 fuzzy felts

I have always loved the gothic side of things, I do have a lovely wardrobe full of black clothes, my mother thought it was just a phase, but I’m not a spring chicken and I can still rock the Goth look. Feathers

Space the final frontier as they said in Star Trek, I’m not Syfy fan but I do the images of what space looks like, or how they perceive space to look like, this is my interpretation. Galaxy

Going back to the 80’s when clothes were fun, the charts were full of a real mix of music and I was going out as often as my pocket-money would take me, I did complete the cube, but I can’t remember how maybe it was a lucky twist. Rubic Cube


I hope you enjoy the links,

there are other images on there too, feel free to browse 🙂






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