Wild Garlic Pesto



Hi, Super quick post today,

if you live in the UK you may notice that there is a whiff of garlic in the air! The wild garlic is just about to bloom and perfect to harvest, thanks to Steffi and my daughter I have a link for you for some amazingly smelly garlic pesto, this is not my recipe, but  I wanted to share it, full credit to the Vegan runners.

Vegan Wild Garlic Pesto
Makes 2-3 jars

100g wild garlic leaves
80g cashew nuts
80g blanched almonds
Half teaspoon salt
Half teaspoon mustard powder
4 tablespoons good olive oil
2 tablespoons nutritional yeast 

1 Pulse the cashews and almonds with a food processor or stick blender until they’re broken up but still have some texture.
2 Set the nuts aside and pulse the wild garlic leaves and olive oil until they start to get a paste-like consistency.
3 Add the salt, mustard powder and nutritional yeast and pulse together.
4 Stir well and place in clean jars


Pesto bloggers! Thank you for sharing this recipe 😀





  1. Made this today,and is really delish 😄.Definatley be on the to make list when the wild garlic is back in season next year 😄


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