Japanese knot bag

Hi there,

A slightly different post today,

I haven’t sewn for a for a few months and was really starting to stare at the sewing machine in the corner wanting to make something but have struggled to decide on what to make, I have a stash of fabric all waiting for me, I have looked through many a time but I have just had creative block, it’s a bit like writers block but the stuff is all there in front of you but you can’t think of what to do with it.

I was scrolling through Pinterest as you do, and I saw this little bag, I thought that looks enough to get me back on the sewing machine without too much stress and it was 🙂

I looked at several tutorials and Youtube videos and I still got the last bit wrong, but hey it worked out in the end.

This was the first link I looked at was  knot bag but ended up with this tutorial on Youtube and sort of mixed them together as I wanted a round base and for it to be reversible. I have sewn before so the initial process was quite easy it was knowing when to stop using the machine and to hand-stitch was the issue it is quite fiddly around the handles, but hey it kept my mind and hands busy for an afternoon which was lovely, I will be making more and hope to do my own versions to sell, who knows 🙂

What I really like about this bag is that there are no fastenings, but as you slip the one handle through the other, it means that there is little chance anything will fall out and no one can slip their hand in and take your purse or mobile, so great for shopping trips. I also think it would make a lovely lunch bag for anyone as you can alter the fabric to suit the person.

I have used fabrics that have a little weight to them, the denim isn’t too stiff but holds its shape and the flowery fabric is a fat quarter that would be used in quilting if you use a thinner fabric it will be quite floppy but if that is ok with you, its ok with me 🙂 There is so much choice in fabrics you could make one for any occasion.



It is a fun project and could be done by a beginner with a little extra time and maybe an extra tutorial.

So what is next on my sewing list… I have some gorgeous fabric that is screaming to be a kimono… with a matching bag maybe…

Take care




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