Not mushroom on the plate!


Dreadful pun to start a blog on I know…

Today’s recipe is a Mushroom Risotto, which is one our favourites and I have tweaked it slightly so it is more mushroomy.

Yesterday was my birthday! Another year older and all that, I was so happy that the sun was out as this meant we could go out exploring the beautiful countryside that we live in, have a picnic and take some photos.

We travelled from Haverfordwest to St David’s then up the coast to Fishguard, stopping off at Abereiddy, Porthgain, Abercastle, Goodwick and Fishguard before heading back down the road home.


Harbour, Pembrokeshire, Their Finest location
Porthgain harbour.

Porthgain (Welsh for beautiful port)  is a small harbour with an interesting history, in the early 1900’s  the town as very prosperous as they exported slate from local quarries, then evolved into a brickworks, you can still see the old buildings that used to hold the slate and bricks before they were transported.

Now it is a tourist site as it is on the Pembrokeshire coastal path, it is a scheduled monument and it has also starred in the film Their Finest, starring Bill Nighy, it is about the filmwriters during WWII, worth a watch!





Fishguard/Goodwick harbour.
Fishguard/Goodwick harbour.


 Fishguard is famously the place where the last British invasion happened.. in 1797!  Don’t worry a lady with a pitchfork came to our rescue!

                         To commemorate this there is a tapestry in the Town Hall.fishguard-tapestry

Photo credit and link to her blog post.

Lynne Eayers.

Herrings at Fishguard.
Herrings at Fishguard.


Lower Fishguard which is on the harbour was once a herring fishery and port, this sculpture was made to commemorate that, unfortunately no longer, most of the cottages are now holiday lets and out of the price range of the locals, but it is a place of beauty and well worth a visit for a day or as a base to explore the rest of West Wales.

If we didn’t live where we lived we would want to live in Fishguard.:)


Anyway… Food! This Mushroom Risotto is a great favourite, it is quite simple to cook and very tasty and you can keep the cost down by not using dried mushrooms, it is still gorgeous!


Mushroom Risotto.

Serves 2


A drizzle of oil

200 grms dried mushrooms 

200 grms fresh mushrooms

1/2 diced onion

Tsp garlic paste or 1 clove minced

2 portions of rice, it should give guidance on the packet 

stock cube



Dice the onion and slice the mushrooms.

Soak the dried mushrooms following the instructions and keep the stock.

Fry the onion till transparent in olive oil or similar

Add the fresh mushrooms and fry for a couple of minutes.

Drain the dried mushrooms and add to the pan, keeping the stock, which will be full of mushroomy flavour.

Add the rice and stir till coated in the mushroom and onion.

Crumble the stock cube into the mixture

Add enough water to cover the base of the an and stir, the water will start to be absorbed by the rice along with the flavours.

As the water is absorbed keep adding more, use the mushroom stock as well, and continue to stir to prevent the rice from sticking.

After 15/20 minutes the rice should be cooked, have a test, it should still have a little bite in the middle, check your seasoning and prepare to serve.

I served with peas and salad, you may prefer crusty bread or chips, it is your choice!

Mushroom, rice, dinner, dairy free, gluten free, vegan
Mushroom Risotto


I hope you have enjoyed the photos and recipe,

Have a wonderful one









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