Winter warmers!

Mini post….

I think soup and home made bread are becoming my go to foods at the moment, soup really hits the spot and it’s so easy to make and I get to use up any veggies that are starting to look a bit sad in the veg rack.

Today it was the turn of the carrot and some left over butternut squash

I also used an onion, I always have a tray of those 😊 so I grated the carrot and diced the squash and onion and lightly fried with a tsp of coriander and pepper in Coconut oil, the smell was incredible, then added water and a stock cube to cover the vegetables and allow them to cook for 15 mins till the squash is soft.

I have a hand blender which is quick and easy and it was cheap, so that was a bonus but a mixer or even potato masher would do, blitz the soup until smooth and serve with bread.


You can use up any veg in a similar way, leek and potato is a wonderful combination with a sprinkle of white pepper for a little kick or cauliflower and broccoli work together, you could serve with cheese on toast or vegan cheese spread.

Tasty but cheap lunches are the way forward, with less waste for good measure!



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