Bright and chilly


well the last few days have been the coldest we have had since moving to Haverfordwest, but it is still beautiful, even in rainy days you can see the intensity of the colours growing, Wales is a wonderful lush green country and it needs rain to keep it that way so it is ok but not everyday 😉

Apart from cooking I have been catching up with post-Christmas stuff, we are nearly back in our normal routines now, I have updated my Redbubble page and am tweeting more frequently as well, do if you are on Twitter feel free to join me and I will follow you 🙂

In vegan news Coffee 1 are now offering Coconut milk as a non dairy alternative, I am looking forward to this, I love tea but it is nice to have a change while you are out and about.


This photograph was taken at Cenarth Falls near Cardigan, the water is very high at the moment and rages over the rocks, the rocks that people walk over in the summer when it is quiet and the water is low. It was twilight when we got there and used the headlights to highlight the rock in the foreground.



Newgale is an incredibly popular beach in the summer with the surfers and families, it is wide and the beach is flat and the views are wonderful, you can travel from Broad Haven to Newgale over the cliffs by car and by foot if you are brave enough. If you can stay till sunset you won’t be disappointed, on a clear evening the sun is radiant ❤





Yes I know it is a Christmas thing, but I had left over dried fruit and if I didn’t use up the Glace Cherries I would have eaten them all to myself and felt a bit sad, so this is a use stuff up recipe, less waste, it’s very easy, a bit messy but smells and tastes amazing and doesn’t have butter in it so it is less rich, but vegan.



I have 2 ways of making this, the easy way or the really easy way.. you could impress a crowd with this make and take a lot of praise…

Bread mix, you can get this in the home baking section of your supermarket, it is all done for you, no measuring apart from the water.  Mix it all in  bowl and leave, follow the instructions on the packet or..

Plain flour and dried yeast, once again very easy follow the instructions on the packet,  it is usually 500 grams flour to one sachet of yeast.


Pre-heat the oven to 180

Bread dough


Dried fruit (soaked for 10 mins in either water or sherry)

Almonds, either chopped or flakes

Glace Cherries

Almond milk

Once your bread mix has done its stuff and it has risen to double its size start to work in the drained fruit in to the dough, this is messy but stay with it, it is worth it.

Flatten the dough and make into a rectangle and roll the marzipan into a rectangle but smaller so you can wrap the dough around it.

Tuck the marzipan in the dough and turn it over so it isn’t going to leak out while it is cooking, I use almond milk to glaze the top, it works well and doesn’t affect the flavour.

The cooking time will depend on how big your stollen is but it will take about 30 mins, it is worth checking after 20 mins and then every 10 it should be golden on the top and sound hollow when you tap the base.

When its cool sprinkle with icing sugar and slice thickly and serve with tea, sherry or a whisky depending on your taste 🙂  Sherry every time for me !

Have a wonderful weekend,

Stay warm if you are in the colder months and speak to you on Tuesday !




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