Lemony goodness.

Vegan lemon curd on toast.
Vegan lemon curd on toast.


I hope you are all well 😊

Some foods are a pure comfort, lemon curd is one of those for me. Perfect on toast or as a cheesecake topping. Of course, since being vegan it has been off the shopping list but thankfully Pinterest came to the rescue. Lemon curd is back in the pantry, the link takes you to the page I found the original recipe which I have tweaked slightly as I don’t use sweetener in my cooking, I used golden caster sugar instead.

The ‘curd’ is not a curd in any way, no eggs or butter, but a tin of coconut milk with the addition of corn flour, so it is sort of a custard. It is very zingy and can be used in many different ways, I’m thinking cupcakes, Victoria sponge and with eggless meringues.(I will cover those soon)

Ingredients <

tin of coconut milk

3 lemons, juice and zest

1/4 cup cornflour

3/4 sugar or sweetener

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp turmeric

a pan with a couple of inches of water in and put a Pyrex bowl on the top to make a double boiler

Put the coconut milk in the bowl and start to warm while you zest and juice the lemons. You need 1/2 cup of juice and a tbsp of zest.

Add the sugar and allow to dissolve

Whisk or stir gently.

Add the lemon, turmeric and salt.

Mix the cornflour with a little of the liquid and mix together before adding it to the coconut milk mixture.

The cornflour will start to thicken the mix, keep stirring/whisking gently, it shouldn’t stick or burn as it’s over the water but we need to make sure the cornflour is cooked or it will taste powdery

When it is smooth and there are no lumps, remove from the heat and allow to cool, put some cling film over the bowl to prevent a skin, then pop in a clean jar and chill in the fridge.


Eat with everything 😁



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