Food and merriment.

Hi there,

Christmas and New Year are a strange time of year for me, the children have now grown up and do their own thing, but when we lived together we always did Christmas, in our own way… we had Mexican, Indian and Chinese food over the years as none of us were keen on Turkey and it was all very laid back. So this year was our first Christmas at the farm-house and we stayed home, no Shropshire, no seeing my partners girls on Boxing day so all quite strange, so I made a picnic and we took off to Broad Haven for a very chilly hour, we got out the car for a selfie and got back in quickly it was freezing! But I saw the sea and that was wonderful.

At the weekend we popped back to Birmingham to see our friends Dean and Louise, you may remember them from filming last year, well on the promise of sloe gin and vegan food how could we refuse?

IMG_6478 copy

They produced a wonderful selection for us and another couple we had met at their wedding, Dean was concerned that he had made too much, but I think we proved him pretty much wrong!  Dean used an app called Tasty which is also online here you can use the search bar to say what you fancy, and Bob is your uncle.

We had…sweet potato burgers  (buns made by Louise as they couldn’t find vegan ones in store) .

chick pea curry with rice ❤ you can’t go wrong with curry it seemed very popular.

Lentil tacos, which had a real kick to them, the avocado worked as a coolant.

Vegan sushi,  I love sushi, the rice was spot on, sticky and flavoured just right.

It was a super night, I will bring gin with me next time as we polished off quite a lot 😉 but Dean can defiantly cook again!

Thank you for having us 😀


This recipe is a crowd pleaser, save it for the warmer weather, yes I am wishing it was summer already…

Here is a wonderful burger recipe with thanks to Wallflower Kitchen for posting it on Pinterest for me to discover !

Black bean burgers


small sweet potato

1tsp smoked paprika

1 x 400 gram tin of black beans

4 tbs cornflour

small red onion

2 cloves garlic or a large tsp of minced

1 tbs fresh coriander

1tsp cumin

salt and pepper to taste

A bun of choice

salad and condiments to suit.

I served mine with air fry chips which come out very similar to low-fat baked chips done in the oven. A great way to still have chips without worrying about the calories too much.


Preheat the oven to 200’c and prep a baking tray

Dice the onion and sweet potato and fry in a little oil with the smoked paprika till the potato is soft and the onions are cooked.

Add all the other ingredients to a large bowl and add the cooked potato and onion mix and mash,  I like mine to have  bit of bite so they are less mashed, it is your burger you choose 🙂

Divide the mix and shape into burgers and bake for 20/30 mins in the oven

Serve on the bun and enjoy!

These really hold their shape 🙂

Super easy and cheap and filling!



Have a wonderful weekend!



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