Hello and welcome to Veganuary!

So much is going on for this month it is really exciting and fantastic to see that chefs and restaurants are now making vegan choices on the menus to serve to the masses.  Sometimes you may go to a restaurant and just want to try something completely different, not everyone wants meat or dairy for every meal, for me the worst vegetarian meals were the ones that someone had just covered ether pasta or veggies in cheese.. so unimaginative, so it is not just for the hardcore Vegans, it is for the Meatless Mondays peeps and the curious who want to know ‘what do we eat?’.

The website  for Veganuary,  is full of information, recipes, discounts or deals for some restaurants and even a part where you can ask questions.

So if you like cooking and want to try something different you can as there are recipes from around the world, personally I can’t wait, I feel a little disappointed with my lunch choice now 😉  I should have gone to Las Iguanas….

On the website they also have a section of people who are vegans, some of which are famous, but Lewis Hamilton is not on the list, maybe it is because he only recently took the final leap recently after cutting out red meat and then chicken, it seems quite a natural approach to becoming vegan to be honest, it is quite similar to myself but I took a lot longer!  There is a conversation with Lewis on here about his eating habits, F1 drivers are very fit and burn off a lot of calories during a race, as he has continued to win I feel this is more evidence that just because you don’t eat meat or dairy your health is going to suffer. In mine and my partners case we both feel better for it, I understand everyone is different and it is about finding the right ‘diet’ for you, your lifestyle and how you feel about farming.

This year I intend to expand the blog a little by chatting to local Independent shop keepers and promoting them on here and Twitter, I am hoping to talk to my favourite tipple shop in Narbeth first about their move to Wales and business and what they hope to achieve in the next 12 months. I will also include cafes and restaurants that have a varied menu so if you are going out with a group of friends everyone is full and happy.

I have plenty of recipes to share that I have been trying out over the last month, so brace yourselves for an exploration of different tastes from around the world that can be made in your own home. I have Asian inspired cauliflower, the biggest bean burger ever!  ( you can make them smaller)  a traditional UK meal as well as a retro school pudding.. variety is important when eating a lot of veggies, we don’t want to get bored.

I hope you are looking forward to the year ahead as much as I am,

take care and we shall catch up soon.






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