Afternoon tea?

Hi there,

I hope you are all well and are having a lovely week.

All is well here in West Wales and the weather has certainly changed, today it is hammering down with rain and the wind is full on, we live in a dip so it will be less than the people up the hill, glad I am staying in with you.

Last weekend we had our friends come to stay for a catch up and to act in a short scene for the film Seawolf that we have been working on, I am editing at the moment which is a long process but I really enjoy it, more than the filming to be honest and looking at some of the bloopers is hilarious, we have laughed so much we have cried and it’s not even a comedy!

We went to a small cove that we had discovered on our travels and set up for the shot, we have seen no one at the beach before, in fact very few people seem to use the road, but today a woman and her child were on the beach, beach-combing, thankfully they didn’t get in to shot too much so I have been able to work around it, it always seems to be the way..But it all went well and I am really happy with the scene, it may only be short but it really works.


If you are interested in short film making and how the edit is going and where we are going to show the film it may be worth you checking out the Twitter page, Cas-Blaidd (Wolf’s Castle)

So food… I know that is why you are here 😉

I was going to blog a savory dinner, warm and traditional for winter’s night, but it went wrong…. I have cooked for many years and can make good food apart from,

1. Christmas cakes

2 .Yorkshire Puddings.. these have nothing in common apart from I get the mickey taken out of me for not being able to make them. 😀

So I see a recipe for vegan Yorkshires and think.. I can’t go wrong Toad in the Hole it is tonight! ( Toad in the Hole is sausages in Yorkshire pudding which is cooked thick batter) I was excited to say the least… I did all I could and ended up with sausages in a dumpling, not overly pleasant so I covered it in gravy, it helped. So instead today we have….

Earl Grey Tea Scones with lemon cream.

The recipe that I used as a base is from a gorgeous blog called Wallflower Kitchen, the food looks amazing and I have pinned quite a few for later reference, I was hungry by the end of it 🙂

These are vegan and if you were having the scones with real cream you wouldn’t know, the main flavour change is the coconut cream.

475grms Self-raising flour

70grms caster sugar

pinch of salt

75grms vegan butter of choice

240ml dairy free milk

4tsp of loose Earl Grey Tea

For the cream:

Grated lemon zest

50grms vegan butter

4-6 tbsp coconut cream

75grms icing sugar


Heat the oven 190 degrees.

I went for the very simple method of using a food processor to blitz all the scone ingredients together, if you do not have one, do not worry, just rub the butter into the flour till it resembles small breadcrumbs, add the sugar, salt and the tea. Then slowly mix in the milk till you have a soft dough.

Pat the dough on a floured board till it is about 2.5cm thick then using a cutter cut out your scones and pop them on the lined baking tray.


They take about 10/15 mins to cook depending on your oven, gas always seems to cook slightly better in my opinion but hey.

The cream is also simple, if like me you did not have coconut cream to hand you can use the top of the can of coconut milk, it is slightly watery so I drained mine through a sieve to lose some of the moisture.

Once again I used the food processor, but a whisk will do the job just as well, you do need to chill the cream as it splits just a little.

When the scone are ready, leave them to cool, tempting I know, but it doesn’t take long. then serve with a little jam and the cream, enjoy.

With a cup of tea of course.


Have a wonderful day 🙂





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