Hey there 

This week Ive been back in the midlands for a short visit to see my kids and get a tattoo done. 

It’s colder than Haverfordwest and I have already had to buy some socks! I got gloves from Broad Haven last week so at least my hands have been warm.  

So yesterday evening we went out for dinner with my children, who are all grown up, my eldest is a vegan and my other daughter is most of the time but my son is an omnivore, he has always enjoyed meat as part of his diet where as the rest of us have never been fussed, he is a second year student at university in Liverpool and is really starting to enjoy cooking and is being experimental with flavours. This is the boy who would only eat pasta and bananas at one point when he was young!  It is wonderful to see your children growing up. 

So as the majority of us are vegan my eldest suggested Notdogs as the place to go for dinner, she had been before and decided it was her new favourite place. 

It’s is easy to find as it is on the link between Grand Central and the Bullring, it is a lovely row of shops with an Irregular Choice, Pretty Greens and an Ice cream shop, so it is worth an explore. 

The shop has quite a retro feel to it with lots of images of the products, the menu has a great mix of flavours so every was happy, I shall link the website at the end of this blog so you can have a look. 

I had a vegan dog with guacamole and vegan cheese, I gave the chillis away as they are too spicy for me! The dog had a good texture and a smokey flavour, the guacamole was flavoursome and the cheese was tasty as well, I’m not a fan of vegan cheese usually but this was good. 

Everyone enjoyed their dogs and waffle chips, the girls had ‘milkshakes’  which were also tasty. 

So in all a great vegan experience, I will be going back again. 

Finding vegan food isn’t always easy so having this place on your list is a great plan, non veggies will enjoy it too. 

All you need to know 😊

Have a wonderful day 




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