Winter has arrived.

Hi there,

I think winter has arrived.. well it is cold and it is November so that is pretty wintry to me. I prefer to be warm !

The last couple of days have been about catching up with stuff, after filming and being away in Cyprus I have fallen behind on a few online things and home stuff.

So today I finally uploaded a couple of images on to RedBubble and have started watching the new series of Stranger Things, which is pretty fantastic, if you have Netflix it is well worth snuggling under a blanket, with a cup of tea and snacks and giving it a go, the day will go a lot quicker 😉

So this is one of the uploads for today, its dark, its gothic, maybe a little Game of Thrones, it should have been posted before Halloween.. but hey it is every year.. preparation is always key.

Phone case

mono feather

Please take time to look at the other designs on there, it’s an interesting mix and you may find a gift for someone…..

I was going to post a greek inspired recipe but I have lost a photo! So I will have to remake the lovely dish and post it then… rather annoying but hey it was tasty so I will make it again at the weekend.  My chap and I are both being vegan this month so I will be trying out lots of new things as he doesn’t like much carb in his diet, I could live on bread and pasta, but this month will be different, I think sweet potatoes will be my best friend!

time to head off for a cup of tea to defrost my hands…

have a wonderful day no matter where you are 🙂






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