Wish you had been there…

Hello there,

well since my last blog I have filmed a short movie (not on my own with CC and the cast)  which went really well and thankfully the weather held, so we did not have to walk around with umbrellas for the whole weekend.  I am bracing myself for the edit, but I will chat more about that at a later date.

I have also been on holiday to Cyprus with CC which was wonderful, we had a wonderful time in the warm sunshine, exploring, relaxing and eating great food, what more could you ask for from a holiday?

We have been a few times and love the atmosphere, the Cypriots are lovely people who just want to make sure you have a good time.  Our first stop was Paphos, which is the main tourist area, it has lots of places to explore, the mosaics and harbour are a lovely walk and this is also where you will find many restaurants offering traditional Greek food and quite a lot of English food for those who feel more comfortable with it, they are very family orientated so don’t worry about taking children.  So plenty to please everyone.  We stayed for 3 nights and caught with Harry and Michelle at Karlina’s, who have made us very welcome each time we have visited, it was a lovely reunion.  We then relocated to Pomos which is a lot quieter and less touristy but still has plenty to see.


We have driven through Polis before and thought it was quite a new area for the people of the west of the Island and never really gave it a second though…. but this time nature called and we went walking and found a whole new area, Old Polis ! a beautiful area, very much like the old part of Nicosia, jewellery shops and cafes that served amazing pitta breads full of salad and delights, a fantastic find.

Then on to Pachyammas which is very close to the border with Turkey, so close you can see the lights and fence of the Greek side, there is a small chapel and cemetery which over looks the sea. We think there may have been a storm at some point and the church has been rebuilt as when you look down over the side of the cliff you can see grave stones that have been destroyed by the waves.

Religion seems very important still and is everywhere, but it is not pushed, it is a part of their lives. This beautiful piece was in the bedroom of the apartment we moved into.


It was a truly lovely holiday, if you have not been to Cyprus I really do recommend it we have returned 4 times and are going back again to find more gems to explore.  We will be returning to Nicosia which is a divided city, half in Cyprus the other half occupied by Turkey, it is an experience to visit both sides and see the differences and also the no mans land between, if like me you like taking photographs you will not be disappointed.

Take care and hope to hear from you 🙂



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