Halloween soup special !

Hi there,

It is cold outside (and inside to be honest) so soup is what is needed to warm me to the bones.  Vegetables are coming into season and the prices are falling which makes this soup even better as it is not only filling, warming and delicious it is cheap to make and you can freeze it if you make it in bulk, for those nights when you get in late and need a warming fix.

I am a soup fan, with a chunk of bread or toasty croutons I don’t think it can be beaten.

Pumpkin Spice Soup


Butternut squash or pumpkin

sweet potato








Stock cube


I have created a groovy Boomerang thing to show you 😉


Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.

Chop all the vegetables in to chunks and put into a bowl.

Add an oil of choice, about a tablespoon to help roast the veg.

Mix in a teaspoon of allspice and one of cinnamon and half of nutmeg and ginger and stir so all the vegetables have flavour on them.


Pour on to a metal tray and cook for about  30 minutes  or until the carrots are soft on the inside, these seem to take the longest.

Make a stock with the cube and a pint of hot water, stir until all the lumps have gone.

When the vegetable are all roasted let them cool for a while, now depending on what you have you can either use a food processor and blend with the stock to make a smooth soup or pour the stock into a pan, add the vegetables and blend with a stick blender.

When it is at a constancy you like pop it in a pan, if it is not already and reheat, at this point you can add a little milk or cream if you like creamy soups, check your seasoning, as the stock cubes are salty it should be ok but its is best to check 🙂  Find a good crust of bread and serve !

Very easy and gorgeous with it..

I hope you enjoy this, if you do please share it with a friend

Take care and see you again soon with an another recipe.







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