Would you like to see the Lunch menu?

Soup of the day is …

Curried Parsnip Soup!

Not only one of my favourites but so easy to make you will want to make a big batch so you can freeze it for a later date.. not only that but some supermarkets in the UK now have Wonky Veg in which is considerably cheaper than the usual just takes a little more prep as they are wonky.. 😉  So cheap, quick and delicious …


As far as ingredients go I think that is pretty straightforward.

6 Parsnips

1 Onion

1 Stock cube ( veggie)

1 tsp of curry powder.



Chop the onion and the parsnips

Fry the onions first in a little oil till they are translucent

Put  half the onions in a separate pan and allow them to brown

Add the curry powder and the parsnips and fry until the room is full of lovely curry smells

add the stock cube and a pint of water

leave to simmer away until the parsnips are soft.

This will take about 15 minutes so take time to chill, see how good this recipe is …


When the veggies are soft take off the heat and allow to cool before putting in either a blender or using a hand held mixer, if you don’t have either you could mash the veg separately and in corporate it in back in to the stock, it will be chunkier but have the same flavour.

When it is smooth, check to see if you need to add a little more water if it’s too thick, then return to the pan to reheat, then serve in your favourite bowl with the caramelised onions on the top and a good chunk of bread… yummy.




I will be doing a second dish later which I will put online tomorrow, it is a lovely veggie lasagna, not quite as easy but you will be asking for seconds..

Have a wonderful one!








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