A Welsh Weekend.

Hi there,

What a lovely weekend we had with the kids, they were great fun and we did some exploring and found a magical place that came with its own seal and seal cub who had made there home on the rock of the lagoon, which was a quarry many years ago.  Google maps did not let us down, this beauty of a spot is about 40 minutes from us past a couple of places we have been before, we were surprised when we saw how many cars were parked by the beach and the girls were glad to see an ice cream man….  the area is quiet rocky and this is used by people who love to go around the coast in wet suits, I think it was Coasteering. (link to website)

It is also part of the coastal path so people who hike use it as a starting point. There are some ruined houses and part of a building that I can’t see how to get to on the other side of the lagoon, but I am sure there is a way, but being scared of heights I don’t think I am the one to go!

The rocky coast


The lagoon.



The mother seal had not made her life easy, she had to climb some pretty steep rocks to get back to her cub, she had quite an audience when we got there, but everyone kept a good distance so we didn’t spook her and not return to her offspring. Typically I did not have my “big” camera with a decent lens…. it is a reason to return though 🙂

We had a lovely time and the path wasn’t just mud so safe for everyone to walk up.

Have a lovely day, I better get on, I have a shopping list to write for my next blog.







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