Autumn is here.

Hello there,

A little autumnal post today, short and as sweet as the blackberries which are ripening in the hedgerows all around me, note to self pop and get some to put in the freezer for later on in the year… Blackberry crumble anyone?

The sun is still shining but the temperature has defiantly started to drop especially in the evenings as soon as the sun moves round the house seems to drop by a few degrees, so the heating isn’t on all the time but the wood burner in the living room is going to start being used most evenings  I should imagine.  It may be time to go foraging for firewood in the local woods, we don’t see much on the beach which is a shame as the flames are usually beautiful colours from the salt soaked wood.

Today has been a mixed bag of chores and putting together a composter to fill over the next few months in preparation for next spring and to start growing some veggies again, this year hasn’t been successful so I am going to have to do some research, my tomatoes are all leaf and very little flower, I had two tomatoes that were eaten by ‘something’ in the greenhouse and two chilis that went missing as well ! The strawberry plant has sent out a few shoots so hopefully they will produce fruit next year.  So more planning before spring, I am thinking of potatoes in a bag,  they sound easy, try tomatoes again as they are one of my favourites.

I have also started on a new design for my Redbubble page, it has been sketched out and I am currently painting it on Photoshop ready to upload. One of my favourite images that I have on Redbubble is the Crushed Red Velvet, its looks so luxurious and even though it is a flat image it has movement in it, I feel it is quiet autumnal, that getting ready for winter feeling.

Red Velvet

What I like about Redbubble is that you can see your image on so many different things, iPhone to cushion, great fun.

Well I better get on with stuff, finish my next design and make some dinner 🙂

Have a lovely evening wherever you are !



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