Hello there,

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods,

today I am blogging about my patchwork that I made over the last couple of days, it is for part of the costume for the leading and only lady in Sea Wolf which we are filming in October but I have also decided to use it as a Redbubble design, naughty I know but the patchwork is going to be very distressed for the film  so won’t look to similar, I doubt anyone will notice to be truthful.


This is my starting point, a couple of fat quarters from a Hobbycraft selection that I picked up a while ago and diamond print off design, there are a lot of these online so easy to find,

This is where you need plenty of tea or coffee and something on the TV or music in the background so you can get on with cutting out your shapes without losing concentration!  then tacking the fabric to the paper.


I started tacking the pieces together at this point, I have never been taught how to patchwork so I am sort of going on instinct, I am sure there are people passing out at this moment of how dreadful this is going 😉


Excuse the black thread but it did its job.

I then decided to hand sew around most of the inside edges and the blue edges, I knew I was going to machine sew the outside so that was left till last.



So in the end I decided that I would machine around all the edges for neatness, there are a couple of frays that need sorting but on the whole I am pretty pleased with it!

So I have uploaded it to Redbubble and here is the finished product !


Rather groovy I think!

Here is the link if you want to look at any of the other products with the design on, T-shirts,  cushions, duvet covers….. you could cover your house in it lol


Take care folks, have a wonder weekend,




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