Veggie delight…


Good evening,

I hope you are all well and those who got to see the eclipse yesterday enjoyed it safely, over here it was so cloudy we couldn’t even see the sun let alone the partial eclipse, but hey not to worry I have seen lots of lovely images online and I am sure the UK will have a turn soon, preferably without cloud !

I must apologise for this photograph, it really did look better on my phone I promise.

Anyway it is a recipe which went well so I would like to share it with you, I can’t find the actual recipe but  I know what to do 😉

Dash of dark soy

Dash of Balsamic

Dash of Maple syrup

mix together in a bowl and add slices of aubergine to soak up the flavour then fry in a little olive oil or oil of choice, I served mine with salad in a flat bread but I am sure there are many different ways you could dish it up, I think it would go well with noodles for example.




Today has been a bit of a tidy up with my Redbubble page, I had a few hints and tips on different uploading techniques and have taken the advice and tweaked a couple of the designs, if you would like to have a look please follow the link.


I have had a couple of new accesories for my camera so I will hopefully get out again at the weekend and take some new shots, I now have a polarized lens and a tulip hood to hopefully add an extra sparkle to my photographs.

Well that is all for now, if I think of anything else I will get in touch, you know how and where..

Take care and keep happy




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