Uploading from the middle of nowhere.

Morning all,

well yesterday took longer than expected so I didn’t achieve all I hoped, but hey today is a new day and I will endeavour to finish my Redbubble image and get the filming spreadsheet thing done, so I know what I am doing over the weekend in September.

I admit to getting distracted and working on something completely different, see link below…

The bridge.

I recorded the journey over the bridge to England from Wales and played with it on Premiere Pro and added a bit of music, that didn’t take to long it was the faffing trying to upload it with our dreadful Wifi, the downside of rural living.. but hey it is worth it.

Then it was nearly dinner time..I love pasta, I could eat it everyday to be honest and this recipe that I found in a rather lovely vegan cookery book is a favourite, I am not vegan but I am not good with dairy and don’t eat much meat so sometimes vegan recipes are the best and it has come on so much from when I first went veggie when I was 13, mother was not happy, but I don’t like meat 😦

So anyway this pasta sauce is made with butternut squash, coconut milk and seasoning, I have seen several versions online but this one is by Aine Carlin and it is gorgeous, Keep it vegan  

It makes enough for 2 or dinner and breakfast (whoops)


Well my lovelies, I better crack on with other stuff for now, if I complete anything I shall share.. have a wonderful day,



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