tor stars


Hello there,

thank you for coming back and if you are a new reader, welcome!  I have just returned from Glastonbury, not the festival, the town.  It has been a favourite place to visit for a few years now, both my partner and I had been there before we met and it is nice to enjoy together.  For me it is a place where I totally relax and it takes a day or so to get motivated again as I daydream about the place.

If you get the chance to go, please do it is very relaxing and the people are very chilled out and happy to chat, if you like holistic or spiritual things this is the place for you and you may not want to go home…

I hope you can see the photograph well enough it is a long exposure of the monument at the top of the Tor with a few stars and shooting stars around it, I am going to work with this image to make something a bit special by tomorrow evening all being well.

I have a few things to do online today,  I want to do a new design for Redbubble and do a short video clip for the production side of things so I keep my hand in for the filming that is booked in for the end of September, it is all hands to the deck as they say as we count down the weeks, I have plenty to do preparing for the outside scenes and just hoping that the weather is not to windy so we don’t lose the tripods!  Here is the trailer I made a few weeks ago in preparation, I need to make another one but could do with the cast being about 😉


Before I head off to do other stuff, Redbubble have a sale on today… 25% off so if you would like to have a look at my creations please head over to..


and have a peep.

Have a lovely day..




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