Hello there,

What I have really liked about doing the blog so far is seeing where everyone who has a peep comes from, it is so lovely to see the map with lots of colours on and I really hope that you all enjoy reading my rambles and feel free to say “hi there,” if you so wish.

Well in the UK the children are on the summer break, so we have had two of my partners children here for a few days, they are fun to have around but I find it quite tiring as I am used to being on my own or just with my partner and I have to feed and clean after them, but we did have a Bake Off competition this week which was fun, we all chose a cake to make and took it in turns to cook.  I chose a Chiffon Earl Grey tea which is very light and fluffy and tea flavour,   the others were Lemon Drizzle, Chocolate fudge style cake and the youngest make some cup cakes, all the cakes were gorgeous and we are all bored of eating cake now.. so next time we are doing savoury dishes.

 I love getting the kids in the kitchen they really enjoy it and Will and I  have had a lot of chats while baking, she is now 9 and I have known her since she was 3 and we have very deep and meaningful talks in the kitchen, sometimes she just needs to offload what is going on in her head and share the frustration of living with 3 older sisters, it is great     1-2-1 time.  She also was quite a late reader, she wasn’t interested and her sisters all read for her, so she no need, but baking helped, she was interested in looking at the ingredients and the recipe and when shopping for the goods she helped there too, so it was a good process for her to learn.

We had an hour out at the beach, I was hoping for longer, but there was seaweed, bugs, smells and seagull poop.. so we had to come home, I had taken my metal detector and we have found a bolt and I took my camera and took 2 out of focus photos so not a successful day, you have to laugh…

Hey ho, back to some sort of normality now, off to Cardigan tomorrow and then Tenby on Thursday to see one of my friends who is over on holiday !! I am very excited.  I will take photos !

Have  a lovely evening, wherever you are,



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