Busy Bee..

swirl Well what a week I have had, lots of miles done and not much time to rest, children’s birthdays done and parents visited for another couple of months, so home for a couple of weeks, unfortunately we bought home a lot of clothes that were being stored for us and I have to find somewhere to keep them all..  new clothes on the way and much sorting to be done. Most of my clothes are from when I was working as a TA in the Midlands so can probably go back in a bag till I go back to work.

So after a quick tidy round I managed to get some time to myself on Photoshop to create a new design for Redbubble and I am really pleased with it and I hope everyone else likes it too.  I do enjoy finding new techniques and my daughter has promised to teach me how to make my own brushes so I can continue my journey.  I have been using Photoshop for photo editing for a few years now but my daughter uses it for her art so it is a nice combo that we have going on.

We are watching Hairspray this evening, I say watching what I mean is watching and singing along I don’t think we have reached dancing along yet though..


I shall do a proper post tomorrow…


Take care, have fun



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