Handsome chap.

This handsome chap had a bit part in the latest video I produced by Colorado Lounge, I shall pop the link at the end so you can view if you so wish.  Not recommended for children or people with a clown phobia, as the lead is a clown in the not so nicest possible way.

It has been a busy few days and we are very tired and irritable but hey, I am off to see my children this week for birthday celebrations so lots of food and cocktails to be enjoyed, they are grown up so its ok 😀

I am really looking forward to the week after as well as my friend Sam is coming our way, I have known her for nearly 10 years and we do have a giggle, she is coming to Tenby on holiday so we are going to meet her for the day and probably fish and chips as that is what you do by the seaside!

We are starting to get ready for a holiday in October, we are hoping to go to Crete for a week and I am going to really try to learn to speak some Greek, so far I can say hello and good evening nice but not very extensive.. so I have downloaded Duolingo and will see how it goes, as long as I get hummus and ouzo I should be ok.. 😉


Video link


I hope you enjoy the video, let me know,

Have a good week, take care and speak soon !!




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