Just a quick one !

I thought I was ready, but I’m not…. so just a quick post and plug this morning before I set out on the train for 5 hours, its ok though I enjoy the journey its very pleasant for the most of it and I have an iPad with a film downloaded for the last part, I watched The Breakfast Club on my last trip, so desperately trying not to cry at the end.. must make sure the next film isn’t a weepy!

Im off for a flying visit, then home, then away again but its worth it to catch up with family, I have a double birthday celebration to go to so that will be great fun, Greek food and cocktails, what more could you wish for.

Anyway quick plug for a design/photograph from a while ago but it is still one of my favourites and I think for the summer evenings it would be really nice to have with you, either on a top or iPhone case 🙂




Where I live we are about half an hour away from the coast depending who is driving.. if it is my partner, its quicker 😉  so we  go along for a walk and an ice cream I would go everyday if I had the chance, maybe when I pass my test I will 🙂


better get a shimmy on..

have a wonderful day



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