Hello there,

Well I have finally finished editing the music video, and have shared it with Mr BDB of Colorado Lounge who is very pleased with the result and it will be public at the weekend, after the gig they are playing at in Birmingham UK, if you are in Birmingham pop along, it is at Scruffys… you know where it is 🙂

So in other news I caught up with Preacher which is my favourite program at the moment, it’s not what I usually watch but hey its good fun and I love the cinematography, American Gods is pretty fantastic for the same  reason, I should look to see if it the same person working on it, Gillian Anderson is fantastic, I love her as Bowie she looks amazing.

Since filming and editing I have started to pay much more attention to how things are being filmed and how they keep the audience interested even when there isn’t much dialogue. I am storyboarding a film at the moment so I keep looking for new ideas and looking for techniques to use as well.  The script writer is a huge Hammer film fan so I will be going for that sort of look, very exciting.

Seawolf trailer


Have you found me on Twitter

More the merrier, I do follow back 🙂

time for something to eat, I have left overs today..  nice left overs though, butternut squash sauce and veggies !

Have a good day, take care of yourselves and those around you 🙂



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