What day is it?


Did I say I was busy?

Well yesterday we completed filming the video for Colorado Lounge around the coast of Wales, so if you hear any funny reports of strange happenings and clowns… it was us. Today I have started editing, the very lovely lady in the photo has a small role, she isn’t very good at acting so we just kept her in the back 😉

I love using Premiere Pro for the editing, as I have used Photoshop for a few years it does feel like it has a good flow and if you get stuck I can always find a handy tutorial on Youtube.  I do have a Youtube channel but it is still in construction shall we say..  I haven’t posted much yet…

Social media is a fantastic thing if it is used well and correctly, I feel quite strongly about young people being online, they really could be talking to anyone, I predicted when the  Periscope  app first became available it could be used to groom the young and sadly it has happened,  Snapchat with its maps, so you can stalk your favourite Snapchatter… do the people who create the apps not have any common sense ?  ( Gosh I’m quite ranty tonight)

Any way, back to normal conversation.. I have also been on my Redbubble account and had a look at what is being looked at not, I am still not sure how it all work, the why people like some things and not others, I post the images and everytime Im like.. this is the best one yet!  but to no avail.. so I have had a tidy up and re edited some of the images in the hope that people fall in love with them and buy everything.. Okay a little ambious but it is nice when people like my stuff 😀

Have a peep….. feedback is welcome…

Supper time!

Take care of yourselves and the ones you love, and the ones you only like too




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