Snotty Cow….



Hope you have had a good weekend 🙂

Mine has been quite busy hence not posting yesterday,  what with children, film editing, photo editing and a quick trip to the beach I am quite worn out again, I think a cup of tea will stave off a nap for a while though.

Just in case you are wondering, I’m not being rude this is one of the cows who are sometimes in the field next door to me, they are adorable, they always come and say hello and are very curious about what is happening around them, what you don’t realise is just how big they are until they are standing by you, I have read and heard about people being crushed by cows, they huddle it is what they do, don’t go in the field with them they may want to huddle you. Another thing we have noticed when its the afternoon and they are all sitting around chewing the cud, there always seems to be one or two that stand watch, making sure they are safe, they truly look after each other.

So if anyone calls you a nosy cow or a snotty cow, its okay because cows are fab.

Snotty Cow !


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