Do you like to play games?


I love a game of Scrabble, sadly the only person who will play against me now is my Mom and I do not see her very often as we live 300 miles away, she refuses to use the internet just case ‘people’ know where she is… I do wonder what she gets up to in these Friday morning ladies groups that is so secretive.  Dodgy dealing with the OAPs most likely !

I have played online but it is really not the same as messing with the tiles and looking at the combination of words or lack of in my case some days, making up funny words or rude ones :O  and trying to get on the to double or triple word score by stretching the word out. It is a giggle and if you haven’t played, just give it a go.  My daughter plays a lot of board games and prefers them to X-box and even Nintendo ( I miss my Nintendo days)  but Scrabble is still the one for me.

So if you are a fan like me take a look at the link at the top and have a look at the things you can purchase from Redbubbe with Scrabble on.




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