Well hello there,

Welcome to my new blog, I haven’t done this for a while so please excuse me while I get back in to the routine.  I want to chat about so many different things, sometimes my brain is on overdrive and then other days its like a puddle of mud with a bit of mould growing in it, but hey thats the way it is and I have to live with it and you can share these ramblings if you so wish.
We moved to Wales last year and love it, it is all that we hoped for and more, the house that we have settled in is just what we dreamed of and the locals have made us feel really welcome.  I am not working as such at the moment but I am trying to make some money from being creative, links to follow, but for most of the time I am working with my partner, Mr C. and good friend Mr M making films and music videos. We have one of each in production at the moment, links to follow as trailers etc get on to Youtube, so even though I don’t officially work, I am always busy and would like to share what I do with you.beach newgale
Surfer Beach.

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